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      "Great Web Development course and small sized classes. Before I started this course I knew nothing about this field of study. I learned a lot in a short time, and enjoyed studying here, at InnoTech College." - Jane P.  Read More

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      Posts like 'The Web. In a Nutshell', 'Feel like You're Faking It? You're not alone', and 'Would you Like to Get Govn't Paid Training for Your Employees?' are here.  Check them out!  Read More

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    • Web Development Diploma

      The Web Development Diploma program is the only full-stack development program in Edmonton, and prides itself on graduating development talent that is diverse in their skillsets and creative in their approach. With a 100% graduation rate in 2018, we can confidently say that this is the most comprehensive Web Development Diploma program in the city.

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    • Web Development Diploma

      InnoTech College's Calgary Web Development Diploma is accelerated and is offered over a mere 6-month span. During this time, students learn full-stack development, including everything from CSS and HTML, to PHP and JavaScript, to even including DevOps. Graduates walk out of the program with a major portfolio of work ready to be showcased to employers.

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After Acceptance

All International applications on receiving an Acceptance letter and are preparing to come to Canada must do the following:

1. Receipt of the Acceptance Letter

  • Applicants will receive an Acceptance Letter along with a Student Handbook from InnoTech College
  • Upon receipt of the Acceptance Letter, applicants will need to confirm the offer to enroll and send the signed confirmation along with the signed Student Handbook by the deadline stated in the Acceptance Letter. 

2. Payment of Program Fee

  • All International applicants must pay $425.00 when accepting the offer to enroll
  • Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, cheque, money order or cash/debit (in person). Credit card transactions will incur a 1% surcharge.
  • On receiving the payment, InnoTech College will issue the student a payment receipt and Confirmation of Enrollment
  • The remainder tuition fee of must be paid on the first day of classes.

3. Apply for a Student Study Permit (OPTIONAL)

4. Orientation

  • Orientation takes place on the first day of classes, where students learn about the program outline, schedule, and get an introduction to the instructors, administrative staff and other students

5. Insurance

  • It is mandatory for all international students outside of Canada to ensure that they purchase health insurance for the duration of the program, prior to arriving into Canada
  • As none of InnoTech’s programs are longer than 12 months, international students may NOT be eligible for the Alberta Health Care Insurance Program. According to Alberta Health, “Students with Study Permits valid for more than 3 months, but less than 12 months, may be eligible for AHCIP coverage if their application is accompanied by a letter from the student confirming their intent to reside in Alberta for at least 12 months.” 
  • As such, an insurance policy can also be purchased from any number of reputable organizations, including: INGLE International and Manulife Financial

6. Transportation

  • To get around the city, students can make use of the public transit (buses and light-rail system)
  • Public transit is accessible to everyone. Please refer to the following link to know more about the bus routes and schedules

7. Housing

  • International students who do not have family in Canada and plan on living alone must arrange for accommodation for their duration of stay in Canada
  • Students can find accommodation in Calgary or Edmonton using website such as kijjiji.ca, Rentfaster.ca, and viewit.ca
  • Students can also contact the InnoTech College office for assistance in finding a suitable accommodation, by emailing info@innotechcollege.com

8. Additional Support

  • Our staff members are familiar with various cultures, themselves having been born elsewhere and/or having visited many places worldwide
  • Our support staff are available to assist international students daily, during our regular office hours of M-F 9:30 AM – 6PM
  • Our instructors are available for assistance if students are struggling, daily, a half hour before class and a half hour after class
  • Career guidance and employability training is provided to all students

9. Counselling Services

  • There are various counselling services available in the community that students can use
  • For a list of counselling services in Calgary, please see the following document: Resources in Calgary
  • For a list of counselling services in Edmonton, please see the following document: Resources in Edmonton
  • For a broader range of services for newcomers, please see the following document: Resources for Newcomers to Alberta

10. Refund Policy

Please note that the $75.00 CDN International Student Application Fee is non-refundable

There will also be no refunds issued for the $425.00 CDN Enrollment Fee if an International Student terminates their enrollment prior to applying for their Student Visa OR if an International Student terminates their enrollment after receiving their Student Visa.

However, a refund of $425.00 CDN will be issued if an International Student applies for a Student Visa and gets denied, as long as the students sends InnoTech College a copy of their denial letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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