Still unsure about whether this is the right program for you? Have a look at what our graduates have to say:

The program was incredibly helpful in my journey of learning development. Alex is an amazing instructor and taught us how to learn a new programming language within weeks. I used this program in landing my first dev job.

Rainer B, 2020 Grad

It was hard but fun. I’m glad to be finished but I’m going to miss it too.

Cris C, 2020 Grad

Great staff, easy to reach out to for support when needed. Learned a lot in a short amount of time.”

Kaylie, 2020 Grad

I enjoyed the learning process. We were made to feel confident at the end of the program, and I do feel that confidence. What I enjoyed most was being able to create my own projects.

Bilal A, Dec 2020 Grad

Enjoyed the style of teaching. Very hands-on. I found the availability of one-on-ones especially helpful.

Nuradin I, Dec 2020 Grad

The instructor, Alex, was simply amazing. He is easily the best instructor I’ve ever had in many years of post-secondary education.

James H, Dec 2020 Grad

Staff are really helpful and supportive

Sree A, Dec 2020 Grad

I would recommend this program to anyone interested in web development…Alex was one of the best instructors I’ve ever had from elementary to university level. The way he lead the course elevated it to the most enjoyable educational experience I’ve ever had. I would easily take another course like this if it was taught by him.

Luka D, Dec 2020 Grad

Innotech College offers great courses on New trends in the Tech sector. The instructors are awesome and the class size just right!

Francis M.

InnoTech is a new school but the great thing is they offer a fast track diploma in Web Development and other technologies where most schools only offer a certificate. The lessons are current to the fast-growing changes in the industry and I’m happy to say that I learned a lot in this program. They also have small-sized classes, meaning the teacher has a lot of opportunities to help you, which I guarantee you will need.

Kayla S.

Great place to learn new technologies and upgrade your skills with wonderful teachers…..I just got a job few months after I graduate. #NicePlace

Haba M.

If you are interested in programming – this your college. Suitable schedule, perfect education and support from the very beginning til graduation.

Larysa R.

Great course and small sized class. Before I started this course I knew nothing about web development. I learned a lot in a short time and enjoyed studying here at Innotech College.

Jane P.
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