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      "Great Web Development course and small sized classes. Before I started this course I knew nothing about this field of study. I learned a lot in a short time, and enjoyed studying here, at InnoTech College." - Jane P.  Read More

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      Posts like 'The Web. In a Nutshell', 'Feel like You're Faking It? You're not alone', and 'Would you Like to Get Govn't Paid Training for Your Employees?' are here.  Check them out!  Read More

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    • Web Development Diploma

      The Web Development Diploma program is the only full-stack development program in Edmonton, and prides itself on graduating development talent that is diverse in their skillsets and creative in their approach. With a 100% graduation rate in 2018, we can confidently say that this is the most comprehensive Web Development Diploma program in the city.

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    • Web Development Diploma

      InnoTech College's Calgary Web Development Diploma is accelerated and is offered over a mere 6-month span. During this time, students learn full-stack development, including everything from CSS and HTML, to PHP and JavaScript, to even including DevOps. Graduates walk out of the program with a major portfolio of work ready to be showcased to employers.

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InnoTech College is a licensed college through the Private Career Colleges Branch of Alberta. In addition to being governed and regulated by the PCCB, its programs are also designated through Alberta Student Aid. Such a process enables all InnoTech College to be eligible for government student funding, including, grants, loans and bursaries. InnoTech College is also eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant for employers. For more information regarding applying for student funding, please visit AB Student Aid or visit us for an information appointment.  For more information regarding applying for a Canada-Alberta Job Grant, please visit AlbertaCanada.com.


Student Funding

Student funding is processed and administered through AB Student Aid office. Applications can be submitted by mail or online, and are typically processed in under 6 weeks. Application approvals are primarily based on the applicant’s financial need, although other factors, like past student loan statuses and concurrent educational programs may be considered as factors for approval. To find out more information about the process, we recommend calling one of our specialized Student Aid specialists at 1-888-781-3340 or visiting the AB Student Aid website at studentaid.alberta.ca.

Email for More Info

Useful Contact Info

InnoTech College Student Aid Advisor:

AB Student Aid:

  • 1-855-606-2096 (M-F 7:30am-8:30pm MST)
  • Mailing Address:
    Box 28000 Station Main
    Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4R4

Grants for Employers

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CALG) offers employers the opportunity to update new or existing employees’ skills and knowledge without paying full price for their training and certification. InnoTech College is a an eligible third-party training provider for all companies and employers of which it has no direct connection. Employers can get 67% of the training costs back. 

The CALG helps employers increase

  • productivity
  • employee skills
  • employee retention

Visit here to find out more. 

Types of Government Funding


Government Student Loans are a great way to pay for education because:

  • the interest is low compared to typical interest rate charged by banks and other financial institutions
  • while attending studies, no interest is charged and no loan payments are required
  • repayment of loans doesn’t need to begin until 6 months after the completion of studies have passed
  • if a student decided to enroll in additional studies, all existing government student loan payments get ‘frozen’ and no payments will be required, nor will interest get charged
  • the repayment is flexible, allowing borrowers to continually change the amounts they pay, as well as the frequency of their payments
  • payment assistance is available to borrowers who are under financial strain

Student Grants

Government grants are available to many students, and eligibility is determined through the same application that students fill out for their loans. Making the grant application process easy and efficient. Grants are issued to applicants for a various reasons, including:

  • low-income
  • presence of live-in dependants
  • disabilities


There are a variety of private scholarships available to students, ranging from $500 to tens of thousands of dollars. We welcome you to browse the variety that we’ve selected as being most accessible and applicable to our students. Browse scholarships!


The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship is the most popular to be received by students, as anyone who has graduated high school in AB since 1980 could qualify for up to $2500. The Scholarship Application can be filled out through the online Student Aid application system.

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