The InnoTech Team 


Julie Rubin

Chief Executive Officer

Julie has over a decade of experience in coordinating, facilitating, designing and overseeing educational programs. Her passion for innovation within the education sector, along with the drive for aligning education with the economic climate, shapes the work that she does at InnoTech College. Julie holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University, along with a Certificate in Adult Education from Mt. Royal University.


Brian Banderk

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Brian is a Chartered Professional Accountant and has been working with innovative and exciting businesses since he graduated from the University of Calgary in 1998 with a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction. He has held senior roles with PricewaterhouseCoopers, a global professional services firm, and the Alberta Securities Commission, as well as serving on prominent committees and boards that have helped shape the Canadian capital market and the accounting profession in Canada. Brian is extremely excited to be able to combine his knowledge and business experience with his passion for education and operational excellence.


Jarred Berndt


Jarred has been in some form of education or managerial role for the last 14 years. Leading a wide variety of staff and students to achieving great success across industries. Recently he completed a diploma in Curriculum Development and Instructional Design from Mount Royal University. His unique combination of education, experiences and fun loving attitude allows him to assist the InnoTech staff and instructors to create an engaging and creative student experience.


Alex Bymoen - Web Development Diploma Instructor

Alex Bymoen

full-stack Development Diploma Instructor 

Alex has been working as a developer professionally for the past 5 years, after having graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Computer Science with distinction. He grew up loving computers; tearing them down to see what was inside and then seeing if he could put them back together. He started building websites when he was just a wee 13 year old and never stopped. Recently he has enjoyed building VR games and learning Flutter to develop native phone applications and websites. Everyday Alex gets to share his immense knowledge of web development and passion for anything and everything in tech with our Web Development students. 


Mark German

Full-Stack Development Diploma Instructor 
Mark has been interested in logic and problem solving since he was a child, so the choice of software as a career was only natural. He enjoys learning new technologies and constantly being challenged to solve problems that he has not seen before. Throughout the years, Mark has had the experience of explaining the wonders of technology to people of all knowledge and skill levels and this experience reflects in his teaching style. Outside of teaching, Mark works as a software engineer in a multi-billion dollar silicon valley company, so he brings not just knowledge of the course material, but insight on how things work in the software industry.
Mark graduated with distinction from the University of Calgary. When not working, he enjoys travelling and video games, and will gladly prove to you that the latter will forever be superior to movies as a storytelling format.


Jamie Kosoy

Web Development Diploma Curriculum Lead

In addition to working with InnoTech College, Jamie Kosoy leads Arbitrary, an award-winning design-minded development studio based just outside of San Francisco. His mindset on the relationship between design and code has been applied to websites, apps, and “other magical stuff” for clients like Google, Nike, Skittles, Strava, and The New York Times. Most recently Jamie co-created the award-winning children’s app Melody Jams, which topped the App Store charts in 130 countries and won Communication Arts 2017 Award of Excellence. He has also taught code to designers at Parsons and the University of San Francisco.


Michael Ventura


Mike is a graduate of SAIT's Business Administration Program majoring in Human Resource Management. Prior to that Mike had attended SAIT's IT program due to his interest in programming and computer systems. Before joining the InnoTech team he had interned at a software development outsourcing company. While there he gained valuable knowledge and experience surrounding the recruitment process in the technology industry. He is passionate about helping others reach their goals as they launch into their exciting new technology career!



Carey Ogilvie


With Carey's education background being all in psychology and counselling, she's an excellent support and listening ear to our students. She takes care of all things necessary for students to have a positive experience while attending classes with InnoTech College, whether that be financial, personal, health or other. When not busily supporting current students or answering prospective students' questions, Carey is a big live music fan and loves animals. 


Cathy McDonald


Bio coming soon!


Terri Hawthorne


Terri has had extensive experience in Project & Administration/Operations Management over the course of her career. Both in the government and private sectors. She thrives on the excitement of seeing an organization grow and know that she had the opportunity to help. Terri is immensely organized and forward thinking, which makes her an invaluable resource to the rest of the team and the students. Originally from Ontario, her immigrant Irish parents always guided her to raise the bar and challenge her abilities. Remember “Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all in how you make it”


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