Big Data Architect Certification – Calgary




Big Data Architect Certification – Calgary
Please contact us for information regarding this new Big Data Analysis course
InnoTech College #305 4014 Macleod Trail, Calgary SE

Why choose Calgary’s InnoTech College Big Data Architecture Course?

Hands-on, industry-specific, education.

InnoTech College is a provider of programs relating to data analysis, business intelligence, web development, cloud architecture, and cloud security. Our programs range in lengths, starting from courses as short as just 3 days to as long as 8 months in length.

Government grants and other funding available to support learners.

Our 6 and 8-month programs are government designated, through which students would be eligible for government student aid, like student loans and low-income grants. Our shorter courses are eligible for the employer-targeted Canada Alberta Job Grant, where employers can refund 2/3 of their employees’ training costs. We specialize in ensuring that our education delivery is hands-on, engaging, comprehensive, and done by expert instructors.

Calgary-based, in-person, daytime delivery.

We’re located, centrally, on 39th Ave and MacLeod Tr SE, just 1 block away from 39th Ave LRT station.


“Information is the oil of the 21st century and analytics is the combustion engine.” – Peter Sondergaard, Senior VP of Gartner Research


Big Data Architect Certification – Calgary 

Learn how to be an integral part of any modern business by storing, organizing and creating value from its vast amount of data. Increase sales! Improve efficiency! And much more.

Upon completion of this big data course, learners will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the design, implementation, and integration of Big Data solutions within the IT enterprise or cloud-based environment.

Curriculum supplied by Arcitura’s Big Data School and will include the following modules:


Fundamentals of Big Data

Understanding Big Data, Fundamental Terminology & Concepts, Big Data Business & Technology Drivers, Traditional Enterprise Technologies, Characteristics of Data, Dataset Types in Big Data Environments, Fundamental Analysis and Analytics, Machine Learning Types, Business Intelligence & Big Data, Data Visualization & Big Data, Big Data Adoption & Planning Considerations.

Big Data Analysis & Technology Concepts

Big Data Analysis Lifecycle, A/B Testing, Correlation, Regression, Heat Maps, Time Series, Network & Spatial Data Analysis, Classification, Clustering, Outlier Detection, Filtering, Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, Text Analytics, File Systems & Distributed File Systems, NoSQL, Distributed & Parallel Data Processing, Processing Workloads, Clusters, Cloud Computing & Big Data, Foundational Big Data Technology Mechanisms.

Fundamental Big Data Architecture

New Big Data Mechanisms, Data Processing Architectural Models, Enterprise Data Warehouse and Big Data Integration Approaches, Architectural Big Data Environments, Cloud Computing & Big Data Architectural Considerations, Advanced Big Data Architecture, Big Data Solution Architectural Layers, Big Data Solution Design Patterns, Big Data Architectural Compound Patterns.

Advanced Big Data Analysis & Science

Statistical Models, Model Evaluation Measures, Machine Learning Algorithms, Pattern Identification, Advanced Statistical Techniques, Linear Regression & Logistic Regression for Big Data, Decision Trees, Classification Rule, K Nearest Neighbor (kNN), Naïve Bayes, Association Rules, K-means, Text Analytics, Outlier Detection.



For course cost and registration details please contact our office at

587-892-3340 or


Big Data Architect Certification – Calgary
Please contact us for information regarding this new big data computing course
InnoTech College #305 4014 Macleod Trail, Calgary SE

 What you will learn in the Big Data Architect Certification:

Big Data Architecture is fundamentally about solving business problems where the resources the company needs, such as data management space or computation resources, are greater than the traditional tools the business may currently have access to. This course provides an understanding of Big Data from the perspective of business and technology, so as to give you the ability to solve such problems and as they relate to resource capacity, efficiency, productivity, and technology.

The Industry Drivers that we’ll be focusing on:

  1. Quest for Business Agility: Understanding how to utilize the great amounts of data in a context that allows for business efficiency.
  2. Increased Data Volumes: Coping with huge amounts of data, ie. its storage, sorting, etc.
  3. Rising demand for real-time analytic results of data 4.Innovative new technologies

The Big Data Architect Certification course teaches you how to use data in a way that will benefit your organization. For understanding the intricacies of data, please refer to our Big Data Science Professional Certification.

What’s Included?

The course is made up of 5 modules and included in the cost is the below list of valuable resources:

  • Textbook: Big Data Fundamentals: Concepts, Drivers & Techniques by Buhler, Erl & Khattak
  • 4 x Presentation Books
  • 4 x Workbooks
  • 3 x Supplements
  • 1 x Symbol Legends
  • 6 x Detailed Concept Mindmaps
  • 1 x Lab Manual

Program Fees:

Individual – $3,500/person

Group of 4 or more registrant – $3000/person

Discounts are available for early bird registrations. Please contact us for further details. 


Calgary Big Data Architect Architect Certification: graph of annual salaries

Predicted Salaries

Above statistics and images are taken from Future of Big Data (Jan 2017), International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology


What types of individuals is the Big Data Analysis course for?

It’s for everyone!

Data analysis and architecture is a great skillset for all types of professionals, whether they be engineers, administrators, business analysts, managers, technical specialists, accountants and/or those in executive positions.

Is there demand for Big Data professionals in Alberta?

Almost 100 jobs in Calgary alone!

As per a job search on in November 2017, there were 98 positions posted in Calgary that utilized big data concepts. Out of those positions, 45 were full-time, with another 15 being contract. The salaries for the jobs ranged between $50,000 to $130,000.

How much do Big Data professionals get paid?

Niche skillsets reap improved compensation

Individuals working with Big Data, like data analysts, data engineers, database managers, data architects, and others, typically get paid anywhere from around $70,000 per year to up to $180,000 per year.

Being that there is an overlap in curriculum, if I’ve already taken and/or are about to take one of the other Big Data courses that you offer, will I need attend all classes from both courses?

You will not be required to repeat any modules that you would have already covered through any of our other courses. Your tuition will be discounted by $CAN 1,060 per module that you’ll be skipping.

What are the admission requirements for the Big Data Analysis course?

There are no admission requirements. We just ask that students make themselves available for all 5 days of the course, for the entire duration of each delivery day.

How do I register for this Big Data Architect Certification Course?

In order to secure your spot in the program, please place a deposit of 50% of the course. The remainder of the course cost is to be paid by 5 business days prior to the start of classes.

In which industries can I use Big Data?

Data analysis and architecture knowledge is useful in all industries, as no matter which industry you’re in, data will be produced. The better that, then, that data is organized and utilized, the more effective the organization will be in working towards their goals.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is an umbrella term that focuses on the scientific methods, processes, and systems that are used to extract knowledge from data.

What is Data Mining?

Data mining is about the collection of data and using of data science to search for patterns.

What are EDA Analysis Types?

Exploratory data analysis is an approach used to summarize the main characteristics of data sets and is often explored with visual methods.

What is Data Munging?

The process of turning “raw” data that doesn’t make much sense and has few correlations and turning it into a form that allows for data analytics.

InnoTech College partners with global curriculum developer, Arcitura, in the delivery of the Big Data Architect Certification. Arcitura works with dozens of education delivery partners, similar to InnoTech College, in its delivery of its Big Data Architect Certification, among numerous other courses. InnoTech College is Arcitura only Alberta-based education delivery partner.

Big Data Architect Certification – Calgary
Please contact us for information regarding this new big data computing course
InnoTech College #305 4014 Macleod Trail, Calgary SE

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