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Big Data Scientist Certification – CALGARY


InnoTech College is now offering a new data computing course at our Calgary campus:
5-day training program – BIG DATA SCIENTIST CERTIFICATION 



With the prediction that by 2020 Big Data and Internet of Things will be used to reinvent, digitize and eliminate 80% of business processes[1], learning the skills for navigating within these environments is of most importance.

 If you are employed and are pursuing the Big Data Scientist Certification, your employer could apply for the Canada Alberta Job Grant, which allows the employer to be reimbursed for 67% of the cost of the courses.

Spending for Big Data and business analytics technology and services will increase from $130 million in 2016 to $203 million in 2020
(CRN’s The 2017 Big Data 100, May 1, 2017).

Big Data Scientist Certification – Calgary
Please contact us for information regarding this new Data Science computing course
InnoTech College #305 4014 Macleod Trail, Calgary SE

Why choose Calgary’s InnoTech College?

InnoTech College is a private, government designated, Alberta College with a campus in Calgary. We offer accelerated courses in an intimate, classroom-based environment, taught by industry professionals.

Partnered with global education provider.

The Big Data Science Professional Certification is offered through a partnership with Arcitura, a global, vendor-neutral, curriculum provider that works with educational partners all over the world, whom deliver hundreds of courses per year. We’re proud to be Arcitura’s only Alberta education delivery partner and are here to serve Calgary students with quality, in-depth, and hands-on learning experience.


What you will learn in the Big Data Scientist Professional Certification:

A Data Professional is equipped with the skills to choose how data needs to be processed so that analysis can happen and so that businesses can reap the benefits of said analysis.

You will learn the science of data mining and data analytics. Data analysis and mining is how data is collected and processed. The Big Data Science Professional Certification will teach professionals about how to be efficient with data and be able to analyze it in a manner that you’re able to gather the information that you require from it. Upon completion of the program, you will have a great understanding of:

  • General Data Science
  • Data Mining
  • Data Modeling
  • Different Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Analysis Types
  • Data Munging

Partnered with global education provider.

In every situation of Big Data Analysis and Science you will learn the different ways data needs to be categorized, compressed, altered, labeled, and collected in order for analysis to take place so that changes can be made to increase productivity, efficiency, reduce cost, increase long-term understanding, etc

What’s Included:

The course is made up of 5 modules and included in the cost is the below list of valuable resources:

    • Textbook: Big Data Fundamentals: Concepts, Drivers & Techniques by Buhler, Erl & Khattak
    • 2 x Presentation Books
    • 2 x Workbooks
    • 1 x Supplements
    • 1 x Symbol Legends
    • 4 x Detailed Concept Mindmaps
    • 1 x Lab Manual


Program Fees:

Individual – $3,500/person

Group of 4 or more registrant – $3000/person

Discounts are available for early bird registrations. Please contact us for further details. 

Big Data Scientist Certification – Calgary


Do you want to help organizations with using their data for making smarter business decisions? Increase sales! Improve efficiency! And much more.

In this Big Data course, you will learn analysis practices and technology concepts and mechanisms that comprise and are featured in contemporary Big Data environments and tools. You will also understand the business implications, benefits, and challenges of adopting Big Data platforms and working with various tools. Furthermore, you will possess the ability to recognize appropriate analysis techniques and to associate them with the correct problems and requirements, in addition to possessing a fundamental understanding of the underlying mechanics of Big Data technology platforms and mechanics.


Curriculum supplied by Arcitura’s Big Data School and will include the following modules:


Fundamentals of Big Data

Understanding Big Data, Fundamental Terminology & Concepts, Big Data Business & Technology Drivers, Traditional Enterprise Technologies, Characteristics of Data, Dataset Types in Big Data Environments, Fundamental Analysis and Analytics, Machine Learning Types, Business Intelligence & Big Data, Data Visualization & Big Data, Big Data Adoption & Planning Considerations.

Big Data Analysis & Technology Concepts

Big Data Analysis Lifecycle, A/B Testing, Correlation, Regression, Heat Maps, Time Series, Network & Spatial Data Analysis, Classification, Clustering, Outlier Detection, Filtering, Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, Text Analytics, File Systems & Distributed File Systems, NoSQL, Distributed & Parallel Data Processing, Processing Workloads, Clusters, Cloud Computing & Big Data, Foundational Big Data Technology Mechanisms.

Fundamental Big Data Analysis & Science

Data Science, Data Mining & Data Modeling, Big Data Dataset Categories, Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), EDA analysis types, Essential Statistics, Statistics Analysis, Data Munging & Machine Learning, Variables & Basic Mathematical Notations, Statistical Measures & Statistical Inference, Distributions & Data Processing Techniques, Data Discretization, Binning, Clustering, Visualization Techniques & Numerical Summaries, Correlation for Big Data ,Time Series Analysis for Big Data.

Advanced Big Data Analysis & Science

Statistical Models, Model Evaluation Measures, Machine Learning Algorithms, Pattern Identification, Advanced Statistical Techniques, Linear Regression & Logistic Regression for Big Data, Decision Trees, Classification Rule, K Nearest Neighbor (kNN), Naïve Bayes, Association Rules, K-means, Text Analytics, Outlier Detection.


For course cost and registration details please contact our office at

587-892-3340 or info@itc.local.

Big Data Scientist Certification – Calgary
Please contact us for information regarding this new Data Science course.
InnoTech College #305 4014 Macleod Trail, Calgary SE


Should I study Big Data?

You can be from any professional background.

If you are interested in business intelligence, business analysis, data analysis, budgeting, project management, business strategy, forecasting, and financial modeling, then this course is for you. Individuals from varied professional backgrounds would gain a great deal of value from the Big Data Science Professional Certification course. This course could be a great fit for engineers, consultants, business analysts, data analysts, project managers, executives, accountants, CIOs, and technical leaders.

What do I need to get into a Big Data course?

All we ask for is your focus and attention. We teach you the rest.

There are no admission requirements. We ask that, prior to registering, all interested entrants consider the fast-pace of the program, as well as robustness of the curriculum. The course will require a great deal of your attention during the length of its delivery and any distraction from the class activities could potential hinder your success with the course.

How do I register for the Big Data Scientist Certification?

Fast and easy registration.

Please call or email us to start the process. There will be a 1-page form that you’ll be required to fill out. Additionally, to hold your spot, you’ll be required to pay for 50% of the tuition upon registration. The remaining 50% of your tuition will be due by 5 business days prior to the class’ start.

Being that there is an overlap in curriculum, if I’ve already taken and/or are about to take one of the other Big Data courses that you offer, will I need attend all classes from both courses?

For each day of curriculum overlap, you’ll be deducted $CAN 1,060 off the tuition from the cost of the second course that you take. With that being the case, you would also not be eligible to attend classes on the days that the repeat curriculum is being taught.

In which types of industries is that knowledge I gain from this course will be useful?

Being that data is now at the premise of how business decisions are made regarding HR, marketing, operations, product development and much more, the taking of this data analysis course would be helpful for working in all industries. Industries include those in forestry, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, farming, and many more.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is an umbrella term that focuses on the scientific methods, processes, and systems that are used to extract knowledge from data.

What is Data Mining?

Data mining is about the collection of data and using of data science to search for patterns.

What is Data Modeling?

Data modeling is how to present, interpret and understand the patterns that come from data mining.

What are EDA Analysis Types?

Exploratory data analysis is an approach used to summarize the main characteristics of data sets and is often explored with visual methods.

What is Data Munging?

The process of turning Dzrawdz data that doesn’t make much sense and has few correlations and turning it into a form that allows for data analytics.

After attending InnoTech College’s Big Data Science Professional Certification, a professional from any industry and any background can return to their organization with the ability to create great value in terms of improvements in efficiencies. From an organizational point of view, sending staff members to this course is a smart decision that will pay off exponentially in reduction of spending, improved processes, and overall a great understanding of the organization’s operations and their impact. For Alberta, Data is the new Oil. Now we just need to learn how to retract it in an effective and user-friendly manner.

Big Data Scientist Certification – Calgary
Please contact us for information regarding this new Data Science course
InnoTech College #305 4014 Macleod Trail, Calgary SE

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