InnoTech College gives young women 50% off tuition!

In response to Alberta’s demand for computer science professional and the need for greater gender diversity in the tech sector,

an Alberta technology college has announced a bursary for females 25 years of age or younger to get 50% off tuition on any of its programs!

InnoTech College is a government designated college, founded by female entrepreneur, Julie Rubin, in response to a greater demand for skilled technology professionals in Alberta. Since opening its doors in Calgary and Edmonton in 2016, InnoTech ha

Julie Rubin, Founder and President at InnoTech College

s noticed significant disparity between its number of female and male students, despite ongoing efforts to promote its programs to female audiences.

To try to increase its number of female students, InnoTech has released its first ever bursary program, focused specifically on young females. “We are excited to contribute to greater diversity in the technology sector. The female students that we’ve had in our classroom have been extremely successful and have added a great deal of value to the culture of the computing learning environment.” (Julie Rubin, President and Founder)

Through ongoing assessments of Alberta employers’ needs and current job seekers’ skill gaps, InnoTech College is continuing to identify key educational areas to focus on. Its current 7 program offerings are focused on the subjects below, and are expanding on an ongoing basis.

  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Big Data Science and Architecture
  • Cloud Security and Architecture

Rubin expects InnoTech’s program offerings will continue growing at a great pace, so as to meet employers’ continually evolving needs for technology professionals.

About InnoTech College: InnoTech College’s program lengths’ range from an 8-month diploma program, to short certification courses of just 3 days in length. It partners with global curriculum provider, Arcitura, Silicone Valley curriculum contributors, local industry experts, and employers. It is also licensed by the Private Career Colleges Branch of Alberta, which allows its students to access government student funding in the form of loans, grants and scholarships. InnoTech doesn’t just focus on helping students get a job, instead it aims to help professionals build a long-lasting career. Here’s how they do it: 

InnoTech welcomes students at its two campuses, in Calgary and Edmonton.

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