InnoTech is seen as Leader by Media in Growing AB’s Technology Talent

InnoTech College has recently had the honour of being featured on 660 News, Metro Calgary, and on Alberta Global News, to speak about how it’s leading the path to helping Albertans recover from the economic downturn resulting from low oil prices. 

With many Alberta’s still unemployed or under-employed, ‘upskilling’, as InnoTech’s president, Julie Rubin, refers to it, is often the only path forward. 

With Calgary and Edmonton sitting behind most other large cities, like Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver in the percentage of its workforce being dedicated to digital tech professions, it is time to do something about it. 

Important stats to note:

  • From 2014 to 2016, the technology talent in Calgary actually declined by 2.8% (compared to Edmonton, where it grew by 11%, and in Waterloo where it grew by 54%)
  • The Economic Growth and Diversification Act announced in March 2018 is aimed in creating 3000 new tech-related student spaces in Alberta
  • In 2016, just 5.2% of Calgary’s workforce was employed in technology
  • Currently UofC produces less than 200 Computer Science and Math grads each year (compared to 330 at UofA).
  • InnoTech aims to graduate approximately 100 digital technology grads by end of 2019

Have a listen and read below:         



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