Meet Ups for Calgary’s Tech Enthusiasts!

There are tons of great meetup groups in YYC! What’s a meetup group, you ask? is a great way for individuals in Calgary to meet other people with the same interests. All types of groups from Fitness to Politics to Religion exist on, including Tech groups for every kind of tech geek.

We’ve listed some of the best Programming Groups Calgary has to offer, to help our students engage in their interests, meet new people, and even network within the IT sector in Calgary. Check out these groups below and see if any pique your interest. To sign up for meetups, just visit


Who: Pixels & Pints

What: The purpose of Pixels and Pints is simple: provide a venue for graphic designers and web developers to sit down, relax and talk shop. There are no presentations, tutorials or pre-defined discussion topics; just a few pints and good conversation. All are welcome: designers; coders; copywriters; analysts; anyone who spends their day pushing, publishing or just plain staring at pixels. Why the pints? Because after a long work day, you probably need one.

When: every 1st Thursday of the month

Where: Hudsons Pub (4th Ave)


Who: Calgary Game Developers Association

What: A group for people of all skill levels interested in creating video games. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a programmer, artist, sound designer, writer, or any other profession, so long as you simply enjoy making games.

When: Regular Monthly Meet Up: every 3rd Thursday of the month until December 31st (themed differently each month)

Moonlight Tuesday Work Session: Every Tuesday until December 31st (Session for those looking to set aside some time for their own game/project on a weekly basis)

Where: Rose and Crown (Regular Meet Up)

The Inc. (Moonlight Tuesday Work Session)


Who: Functional Programmers YYC

What: Programmers that have had their interests peaked by the recent increase of activity in Functional Programming. We’re happy to explore Scala, Haskell, Clojure, F#, C#, Rust, Swift, OCaml… any language that supports FP. This is a great way to learn something new together.

When: 3rd Thursday of every month

Where: Eau Claire Market Food Court


Who: Start-Up Calgary

What: The passionate advocate and collective voice for the entrepreneurial movement that is reshaping the life of every Calgarian. We exist to inspire and welcome people into our community by facilitating collisions of diverse people, ideas and skills.

When: Regular meetup last Wednesday of every month

Where: Brewsters Brewing Company and Restaurant

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