New Technology College is helping Albertans get Computing Jobs

A new Alberta technology college is set on growing Calgary’s abnormally low, and declining[1], technology talent pool. InnoTech College opened its doors in 2016 and since then, has developed 7 technology programs (with more on the way) suitable for those with no prior technical/computing experience, as well as those looking to expand or update their skills. Its programs are short in length and affordably priced, perfectly suited for those that cannot spare to spend 4+ years to attain a Computer Science degree, nor the approximate $30,000+ price tag.

With only 5.2% of Calgary’s current workforce being employed in technology[2], Calgary employers are forced into recruiting from elsewhere, and/or outsourcing their computing work to other countries. This is what InnoTech has learned through its numerous conversations with Calgary and Edmonton technology employers, with whom it holds frequent interactions for doing its own market research around developing relevant, up-to-date, and hands-on programs for its students.

InnoTech is especially excited for the launch of its newest Calgary program, a 6-month, accelerated but comprehensive, Web Development Diploma, built by award-winning development guru, Jamie Kosoy. Silicon Valley-based Kosoy partnered with InnoTech for the purpose of building a curriculum that will help Calgarians receive skills that are sought after by even such industry leaders as Google. “My goal for students taking the program is for them to learn how to build products that can handle millions of users and scale to infinity”, says Kosoy. There are still spots available (although are limited) in the Web Development Diploma program, which begins its classes on May 7, 2018.

The Web Development Diploma will take someone with no or limited previous computing experience to being able to work in, not just today’s technologies, but those of 5 and 10 years from now too. Here’s how it does it: 


About InnoTech College: InnoTech College’s program lengths’ range from an 8-month diploma program, to short certification courses of just 3 days in length. It partners with global curriculum provider, Arcitura, Silicone Valley curriculum contributors, local industry experts, and employers. It is also licensed by the Private Career Colleges Branch of Alberta, which allows its students to access government student funding in the form of loans, grants and scholarships. InnoTech welcomes students at its two campuses, in Calgary and Edmonton.

[1] Calgary Economic Development, 2018

[2] Calgary Economic Development, 2018

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