Snag One While They’re Hot!

According to Mary Moran’s in an October 2019 article with CBC, there are 2,000-3,000 tech jobs in Calgary at any point in time. Mary Moran is CEO of Calgary Economic Development, an organization responsibly for the economic growth and prosperity of this city. Out of all people, she’s probably the one person in this city that knows best about the current employment climate. 

2,000-3,000 available jobs equates to about 3-4 vacancies for every single graduate coming out of UofC, SAIT, and InnoTech College COMBINED! That’s A LOT of jobs per grad. It means that grads can take their pick from a huge variety of interesting opportunities. YOU COULD BE ONE OF THOSE GRADS!

We want to help you with snagging one (or more!) of these stellar jobs before they’re all gone. The reason that you may be running out of time is because Calgary Economic Development has also just invested $4 million into promoting these jobs to candidates in other parts of Canada. This is because the tech workforce in Alberta is in need of growth. So, before our tech force is inundated with talent from across the country, be sure to secure a tech education, and ultimately a tech position, for yourself! 

The way that we can help is by providing you with the best full-stack web development education not only in the province! Reach out to us to learn more

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