Staff Profile – Industry Relations Coordinator (ie. the ‘job finder’)

Chris McNicholas is InnoTech’s networking hub.  As the Industry Relations Coordinator, his role has a few different functions, the main one being setting up students for employability. 

“Our goal is to get our grads employed 3-to-4 months post-graduation,” he says. 

Chris also has his finger on the pulse of the industry.

“I reach out to prospective employers and recruiters and see if they have any placements available, and to get a feel for what’s going on in the industry,” he said.

“You can tell there’s an IT push in Calgary.  There are some bigger companies and government organizations, like Innovate Edmonton and Calgary Economic Development that want to make Calgary an IT hub.”  InnoTech aims to be part of the solution by developing these students to fill the talent gaps that our current economy is experiencing.

As part of his role, Chris attends monthly networking events where he exchanges information with Alberta IT sectors’ movers and shakers, is constantly combing through the big IT players’ (Showpass, Benevity, Jobber) websites for job opportunities for grads, and is also building relationships with hiring managers at all these organizations, so as to make getting a ‘foot in the door’ for grads as easy as possible. InnoTech College sets the goal of having a 100% employment placement for our grads, and we take that goal very seriously! 

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