Student Profile – John Heslop

John Heslop - Web Development Diploma Student

John Heslop, a current InnoTech student, started experimenting with building websites while he was working as a safety supervisor at a trucking company.  “It was one of those careers where you make decent money, but it’s a dead end, and you’ll always be working a hundred hours per week, that sort of thing.”

“It wasn’t great for my blood pressure,” Heslop added.  “It wasn’t great for a lot of things.” 

He began looking for a change in careers.  As a self-taught web designer, he decided to formalize his education.  “Taking a course like this forced me to learn all of the things that I wasn’t necessarily aware I needed to know.”

“I didn’t want to jump into a four-year computer science degree.  This seemed like a really good option.  You’re done really quickly, and you get into the workforce and start gaining experience.”

John is currently just about a month away from graduating the Web Development Diploma and but he’s already started on his first professional (and, paid) project. He’s been brought on, alongside another advanced classmate, by Elevated Learning Academy (a sister college of InnoTech’s) to build out their new website. John is optimistic about the future and is looking forward to showcasing his immense portfolio of work, which he’s gained through the 6-months in the program, to future clients and employers. 

“There’s level of effort that goes into making sure students are successful, and making sure there’s contact with important people in the industry,” John adds.


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