The Web. In A Nutshell.

ever feel overwhelmed with learning web development?

There are so many languages, frameworks and content management systems! Where do you even start? And what’s a framework anyways!?

Here’s your crash course

At the end of the day, all web pages you look at are made of just three languages. These are our raw, most unrefined materials. And for the most part, at least two of them (HTML and CSS) are forgiving as you first learn them.

But lots of frameworks have been written by people trying to solve common problems from the basic foundations. You can think of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as filing your car up with gas; There’s probably a lot that went into making the gas more usable between the drilling and the gas pump.

But which gas should you put in your tank? It might depend on the car you’re driving. You’ll find there are a lot of ‘cars’ on the Web, and new ones are getting made all the time.

And then there’s backend technologies, which handle all our user data. More choices. More things to learn and know.

And here are groupings of some of the software applications used to make the Internet go. Yep, it’s overwhelming to us, too. Remember our last email on imposter syndrome?

Nobody knows all this stuff. That’s impossible!

What we did for our Web Development Diploma is take all the languages, frameworks, and other tools that are most popular and most commonly used on the web, and laid them out in a logical manner within the curriculum. 

We feel confident that what is covered will either provide you the knowledge to work within a large majority of the web, or at the very least, provide you the skills and confidence to pick up any new skillset that you may be interested in. 

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