What to watch for in 2020

With Facebook’s recent legal upheaval, the industry is talking more and more about ethical design. The sector is reconciling what it means to design for an inherently worldwide audience.

Companies have a lot of data on us. Are they using it responsibly?


For instance, the fact that Hotels.com knows exactly how many people are looking at which hotel on their website at any particular time, or that the Superhuman app (got a lot of buzz last year) could decipher where and when people were reading their emails. 

It used to be enough to simply protect data in a database. Now more and more people are considering what this data is used for.

The big question for 2020 is: Are dark-mode websites our future?

Browsers are starting to support some newer features, especially around accessibility. There is a movement within Javascript towards making custom HTML tags. Static websites have been trending up a lot lately. The idea is to get away from needing a server-side language at all. For many sites this makes a lot of sense. 

Let’s see what happens. Our thoughts are that 2020 will be an exciting year in development. 

-Jamie Kosoy (Web Development Diploma, Curriculum Lead)


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