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Cloud Security Certification – Calgary
Please contact us for information regarding this new cloud security course
InnoTech College #305 4014 Macleod Trail, Calgary SE


Why Choose the Cloud Security Specialist Certificate?

Many businesses are moving to the Cloud to keep up with their suppliers and customers, whom are already there. The Cloud allows for greater efficiencies, lower costs and higher security.

This course could provide you with an in-depth understanding of all the factors one needs to consider when choosing a type of cloud and its maintenance. It is based on an internationally-recognized, platform-agnostic curriculum developed by Arcitura, and delivered through its only Alberta educational partner, InnoTech College.

49% of businesses are delaying cloud deployment due to a cybersecurity skills gap. 

Why Choose InnoTech College?

InnoTech College is an Alberta government licensed and bonded educational institution, with campuses in Calgary and Edmonton. We excel at delivering accelerated, hands-on, industry-specific programs, within an intimate classroom environment, by expert trainers. In Calgary we are located, centrally, on MacLeod Trail and 39th Ave, just 1 block from 39th Ave LRT Station. In Edmonton, we are conveniently located on Jasper Ave, in Downtown.

At InnoTech College we are excited to work with those seeking professional development as well as job seekers looking to grow their skills to enhance their employment opportunities. In addition to providing training, we also assist our students with the building of industry connections and employability, as we truly believe that one’s professional journey does not stop upon the completion of their education.

Why Employers should consider sending their staff to the Cloud Security Specialist Certification?

InnoTech College was specifically built for the purpose of providing skill and knowledge training for Alberta’s industry needs. Additionally, we encourage employers to send not just a single member of their team for training, but instead to send them in groups. For any group of 5 team members or more, a significant training discount is applied. For more information around costs please contact us at 587-892-3340.

Additionally, employers could receive 67% of their training costs back through Canada Alberta Job Grant. There’s no better time for Alberta organizations to take advantage of training opportunities for their staff than now!

Calgary Cloud Security Specialist Course




With many organizations still feeling uncertain about cloud security, do you have the skill and knowledge to ensure that your organization’s data is safe?

This course is designed to provide learners with detailed knowledge of common security threats, security controls and associated technologies and practices related to securing platforms, cloud services, and associated IT resources based on typical cloud technologies

Just 23% of organizations today completely trust the public cloud to keep their data secure.

Curriculum supplied by Arcitura’s Cloud School and will include the following modules:


Fundamental Cloud Computing

Fundamental Cloud Computing Terminology and Concepts, Basics of Virtualization, Specific Characteristics that Define a Cloud, Understanding Elasticity, Resiliency, On-Demand and Measured Usage, Benefits, Challenges and Risks, Cloud Resource Administrator and Cloud Service Owner Roles, Cloud Service and Cloud Service Consumer Roles, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Delivery Models, Combining Cloud Delivery Models, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Community Cloud Deployment Models, Business Cost Metrics and Formulas for Comparing and Calculating Cloud and On-Premise Solution Costs, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Cloud-based IT Resources, Formulas for Calculating and Rating SLA Quality of Service Characteristics.

Cloud Technology Concepts

Cloud Computing Mechanisms that Establish Architectural Building Blocks, Virtual Servers, Ready-Made Environments, Failover Systems, and Pay-for-Use Monitors, Cloud Balancing and Cloud Bursting Architectures, Common Risks, Threats and Vulnerabilities of Cloud-based Services and Cloud-hosted Solutions, Cloud Security Mechanisms Used to Counter Threats and Attacks, Understanding Cloud-Based Security Groups and Hardened Virtual Server Images, Cloud Service Implementation Mediums (including Web Services and REST Services), Cloud Storage Benefits and Challenges, Cloud Storage Services, Technologies and Approaches, Non-Relational (NoSQL) Storage Compared to Relational Storage, Cloud Service Testing Considerations and Testing Types.

Fundamental Cloud Security

Cloud Security Basics and Common Cloud Security Mechanisms, Cloud Security Threats and Threat Categorization Methodology, Identification and Treatment of Common Threats, Cloud Network Security Patterns and Supporting Mechanisms, Securing Network Connections and Cloud Authentication Gateways, Collaborative Monitoring and Logging, Independent Cloud Auditing, Cloud Identity and Access Management Patterns and Supporting Mechanisms, Federating and Enabling Secure Interoperability among Cloud Consumers, Trust Assurance Patterns and Supporting Mechanisms, Trust Attestation and Establishing Trustworthiness.

Advanced Cloud Security

Cloud Service Security Patterns and Supporting Mechanisms, Virtual Machine Platform Protection Patterns, Considerations for Setting Up Secure Ephemeral Perimeters, Trusted Cloud Resource Pools and Cloud Resource Access Control, Permanent Data Access Loss Protection and Cloud Data Breach Protection, Isolated Trust Boundaries, The Attack Lifecycle and the Security Lifecycle, Proactive Mitigation vs. Incidence Response, Threats, Vulnerabilities, Impacts from Exploitation, Threat Modeling, Threats and Mitigations.



For course cost and registration details please contact our office at

587-892-3340 or

Cloud Security Certification – Calgary
Please contact us for information regarding this new cloud security course
InnoTech College #305 4014 Macleod Trail, Calgary SE


How do I register for the Cloud Security Certificate course?

Simple & quick registration process.

To register, participants are to contact InnoTech College to fill out a simple application and pay 50% of the course cost. The payment will hold your spot in the course. The remaining 50% of the course cost will be due by 5 business days before the course’s start.

What types of discounts are available to those registering early or in groups?

Register early, or register with friends and save money!

Significant early bird registration discounts apply when participants register at least 1 month prior to the Certificate program’s start date. Discounts are also available for groups of 5 registrants or more, registering from the same company.

Who is the Cloud Security Certificate course being taught by?

Diverse Instructors.

All instructors are accredited and certified through Arcitura’s instructional certification program. Their backgrounds range from different industries, professions and geographical areas.

I am not a developer. Will I be able to be successful in the Cloud Security Certificate course?

Suitable for IT and non-IT Professionals.

The Cloud Security Certification is a course for anyone looking to learn more about Cloud Security, whether their background be in IT, engineering, project management, or in leadership. No past technical experience is required.

InnoTech College is excited to partner with Arcitura as its only Alberta training delivery partner of their Cloud School and Big Data School courses. We look forward to welcoming you and/or your team to our Calgary facilities on MacLeod Trail.

Registration is open now and spots are limited. Maximum class size is 20 participants. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information at 587-892-3340 or

Cloud Architect Certification – Calgary
Please contact us for information regarding this new cloud computing course
InnoTech College #305 4014 Macleod Trail, Calgary SE

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