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      The Web Development Diploma program is the only full-stack development program in Edmonton, and prides itself on graduating development talent that is diverse in their skillsets and creative in their approach. With a 100% graduation rate in 2018, we can confidently say that this is the most comprehensive Web Development Diploma program in the city.

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    • Web Development Diploma

      InnoTech College's Calgary Web Development Diploma is accelerated and is offered over a mere 6-month span. During this time, students learn full-stack development, including everything from CSS and HTML, to PHP and JavaScript, to even including DevOps. Graduates walk out of the program with a major portfolio of work ready to be showcased to employers.

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There are many ways to learn about computer programming in Calgary, AB.

InnoTech College’s Programming Diploma with a SharePoint specialization is one such way!

Why Choose InnoTech?

InnoTech’s small class sizes gives students constant opportunities throughout the program to meet one-on-one with their instructors whenever they need, provides a learning environment that is relaxed and open, and brings a better sense of community among classmates.

InnoTech’s close-knit staff are available to handle any problems you may come across quickly and with little hassle because of the organization’s structure. There is always someone in the office capable of assisting students with administrative, technical, or personal matters.

The curriculum created for InnoTech’s Computer Programming Certificate is developed by specific InnoTech contractors who are current industry professionals. This means the concepts and topics we teach are relevant, up-to-date, and industry approved.

SharePoint Specialization
Calgary – Programming Certificate
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SharePoint & the IT job market

InnoTech College’s Programming Certificate

InnoTech’s Computer Programming Certificate attests to its student’s level of achievement in web development and SharePoint development. InnoTech’s program not only equips students with the specific knowledge, skills, and capabilities individuals need to make them in-demand in the IT industry, but it also prepares students to gain further industry-recognized computer certificates.

Programming, in particular, is a field in which it is never safe to assume you have all of the skills you will ever need to be successful. There are always new technologies, new applications feature or methods to improve your code or application etc. Programming certificates offer a relatively quick means of updating skills, improving your resume, and becoming more comfortable with current methods, technologies, and competencies. It is expected that workers in the web and software development field will continually achieve new programming certificates to keep up to date with the demands of the industry.

One of the benefits of a Computer Programming Certificate such as InnoTech College’s SharePoint specialized Programming course is that it is both whole on its own, and a great stepping stone to further certification. For example, InnoTech’s Programming Certificate teaches a curriculum in alignment with those topics covered on Microsoft Certification exams. This allows students to become certified in specific Microsoft software such as SharePoint. 

If students wish, they can pursue further certificates based on topics they liked or did well in during InnoTech’s program. If they are only interested in doing InnoTech’s 8 months course and want to get right into the workforce instead of pursuing further accreditation, that’s also an option. There are a lot of possibilities for students depending on their interests, their skills, circumstances, and needs.

InnoTech’s Programming Certificate includes instruction in HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, C#, ASP.NET, SQL, SharePoint (including Windows Azure and Microsoft Office 365) and business basics (including employability training, resume assistance, and networking opportunities).

Most Frequently asked Questions for InnoTech’s Programming Certificate

1.     Should I get a computer programming certificate over a degree or diploma?
A: While we don’t advocate for one academic credential over another when we believe in the importance of all education, some of the benefits of certificates include: 
                                        – Learning a new skill in order to change career paths or to start a new career
                                        – Seek enhanced skills to advance a career or find another job
                                        – Meet job, province, or national requirements
                                        – Reduce cost – certificates are the least expensive type of academic credential

2.     What does the program schedule look like?
A: Most InnoTech programs are based on 12 hours of in-class instruction per week, with students completing work on their own time between classes. This equates to roughly 20 hours a week – the amount designated as a Full-Time program. Classes are held 3 times a week and each class is 4 hours with students receiving breaks throughout the 4 hours. InnoTech’s programs vary between weekday and weekend options and currently take place in the evenings from 5 PM to 9 PM.

3.     Will I be able to do well in the program if I don’t have any experience in programming?
A: Students ask this question a lot and the answer is always the same. First, the program was designed for the exact purpose of training individuals with no previous programming experience so you will not be the only person in class without a background in programming. While some students do start the program having previously completed other computer programming certificates in programming, web development, or computer networking, most are starting from scratch. The curriculum is designed precisely to begin with basics. If you put in hard work, come to class, and are engaged, there is no reason you won’t be successful in the program.

4.     What kinds of jobs do graduates from the program get?
A: Students successful in completing the program are qualified for entry-level positions as SharePoint Developers, Web Developers, .NET Developers, and SQL Developers. We encourage students to look into jobs that highlighted whichever avenue of the program they found the most interesting, or the one they excelled in the most, but if they don’t have a preference they can apply for all of these types of positions.

5.     What are your instructors like?
A: All of InnoTech’s Calgary instructors are current employees in Calgary’s booming IT industry. Working as either SharePoint Developers, SharePoint Consultants, or SharePoint Administrators, we encourage each of them to share with students their opinions on the diverse options for students graduating into the field, what their own day-to-day work is like, and most importantly we ensure that they provide students with the skills and knowledge they require to be successful upon graduation.

If you’d like more information about InnoTech College’s Edmonton Programming Certificate, please contact us at 1-587-892-3340 or email info@itc.local. We look forward to hearing from you!

SharePoint Specialization
Calgary – Programming Certificate
Please contact us for Information

SharePoint & the IT job market

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