InnoTech College is the only licensed and designated post-secondary institution in Calgary that offers technology programs that are tailored to employers’ needs. How does this happen?

  • we look at job ads that Calgary employers are posting and identifying which skills are most in demand
  • we consult with Calgary employers to see which positions they have the hardest time hiring for because there are insufficient candidates in the market, and we tailor our programs based on their input
  • we analyze technology trends and future forecasts, as they relate to the Calgary markets, and ensure that they are taken into consideration when designing our programs
  • we hire consultants from Calgary’s biggest technology employers to help with the development of the curriculum as well as its delivery in the classroom

There’s no other college in Alberta that goes to lengths above to ensure that its programs are in alignment with what Calgary employers are looking for.

SharePoint Specialization
Calgary – Programming Degree
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SharePoint & the IT job market

Why do a Programming Diploma instead of a Programming degree?

Although InnoTech College does not offer a programming degree, there’s also no need for it to do so. Most students that graduate from a programming degree in Calgary find that by the time that they’re done their schooling (often five years), much of the knowledge that they acquired is outdated and no longer applicable. Instead of offering a programming degree, InnoTech College offers a Programming Diploma. Our program is condensed to be just eight months in length (the only one of its kind in Calgary) and includes an internship. No programming degree, to our knowledge, includes an internship. In addition to assisting with internship placement, InnoTech College also helps with job placement. Our goal is to have 100% internship placement and job placement success with our students. Calgary schools offering programming degrees are often limited in the support that they provide their students with job placement. The only school offering a programming degree (also called Computer Science Degree) is University of Calgary. SAIT, Mt. Royal University, CDI College, and others do not offer programming degrees.

InnoTech’s Programming Diploma is All-Encompassing!

You learn not just about programming, but also about business, databases and more!

You will get to learn about web development, which is any development to do with websites hosted on an intranet or extranet. The list of topics covered in this part of the curriculum are: html/html5, css/css3, javascript, jQuery.

Because the very large majority of Alberta companies run on Microsoft Windows and utilize a software network called .NET, .NET development is also covered in the curriculum. The topics in this section include: control flow, abstract data types, using classes and objects, ASP.NET.

Due to every organization having data that they’d need managed and organized, database development skills are highly in demand. Database development is a component of the curriculum, and the topics covered in this section are: entity relationship model, querying, and administration and programming.

Lastly, InnoTech College’s Programming Diploma also provides students with a specialization in SharePoint, a Microsoft software that is the most common tool for organizations to store, organize, sort and retrieve data from intranets, websites and extranets. It was also voted the most in demand programming skill in Canada in 2016. The SharePoint-related topics that are covered in the curriculum are: development tools, object hierarchy, lists, controls and web parts, sandbox solutions, workflows, business connectivity issues, app model, security, client-based APIs, themes, sytlesheets, master pages, Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Azure.

Want to learn more?

We invite all those interested in learning more about InnoTech College, our Programming Diploma specializing in SharePoint, how it compares to other programming degrees and programming courses, and about the industry as a whole, to come in for an information appointment to our Calgary campus. We are located at 4014 MacLeod Tr SE, right on the corner of MacLeod Tr and 39th Ave, and just 1 block away from the 39th Ave LRT station. Our Student Relations Coordinator would be happy to book an appointment for you. Please call 587-892-3340 to set your information appointment today!

At the information appointment you’ll be able to learn about:

Q: What kind of job you can get after completing the programming diploma?
A: Software developer, web developer, database developer, SharePoint developer, and more.

Q: What type of salary you can earn after completing the programming diploma?
A: Of course, the salary would be dependent on the organization, position and industry, but most entry level positions start at around $60,000/year, with median salaries being significantly higher. The IT job market is booming with there not being enough talent in Canada to fill all the vacancies.

Q: Who are the instructors of the programming diploma?
A: All of our instructors are currently working in the industry. They are working as SharePoint developers and architects with a variety of organizations, ranging fro Long View Systems to the Alberta Government. See more info about them here.

Q: What does the course content look like for the programming diploma?
A: The curriculum is extremely robust, teaching everything from HTML, CSharp, .NET to SharePoint, and much more. Much of the classroom delivery is spent in practice, in addition to explanations and lectures from the instructors.

Other questions covered in the information appointment will be:

–       What does the job market look like for the IT industry
–       What is SharePoint?
–       What does a software developer, web developer, database developer and SharePoint developer do?
–       How to apply for government student funding (student aid)?
–       What are the admission requirements for the programming diploma?
–       What types of students is the programming diploma most suitable for?
–       And much more!

We understand how challenging it is to go pick the right educational program among so many Calgary options. Our goal is to help you make the right choice and share with you as much as possible about our program offerings, as well as the industry as a whole. InnoTech College takes pride in ensuring that we provide all those inquiring about our programs and to our students as personalized experience as possible. We will get to know you, your needs and ensure that we assist and support you in a way that works best for your situation.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

SharePoint Specialization
Calgary – Programming Degree
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SharePoint & the IT job market

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