The SharePoint Specialization Programming Diploma Key Points

  • 8-Months in Length
  • Students are eligible for government student aid (loans, grants, scholarships)
  • Classes run 2-3 times per week, the rest of the learning happens through independent study
  • The Edmonton Campus is downtown, easily accessible by LRT & bus
  • The Calgary Campus is on MacLeod Tr, easily accessible by LRT & bus
  • Class size is limited to 20 people, to allow for high individual attention from instructors
  • The total tuition is $10,440, which includes a laptop, software licenses, and all access to all other learning resources
  • InnoTech College provides assistance with internship and job placement
  • Upon completion of the program, graduates would be prepared for Microsoft’s SharePoint Certification Exam

SharePoint Specialization Programming Diploma – Edmonton
SharePoint Specialization Programming Diploma – Calgary

Edmonton & Calgary Campus
SharePoint Specialization Programming Diploma
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Calgary Program Dates: Classes run: Feb 4, 2019  – Sept 13, 2019

Edmonton Program Dates: Classes run: Feb 11, 2019 – Oct 4, 2019

Class Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5 – 9 PM

Launching the SharePoint Specialization Programming Diploma

The founders of InnoTech college believe that education should closely align with employment demands. Nowadays, jobs in technology are very specialized, and very specialized jobs require a very specialized education. It is for this reason that InnoTech decided to conduct a full job market analysis of Canada and Alberta, prior to deciding which programs to deliver through its premises. Through this detailed analysis, some very specific common themes arose. It became clear that:

  • The IT industry is growing, developers and programmers are in high-demand whether by consulting firms or indidivual companies looking to add to their IT Department
  • The majority of large corporate firms, government bodies, and non-profit organizations utilize SharePoint
  • SharePoint programming is a skillset highly sought by employers and recruiters because of the high adoption rate of SharePoint in all types of industries
  • Very few candidates are currently certified in SharePoint Development for the number of jobs available
  • Employers are willing to pay premium salaries to computer programmers and web developers with SharePoint knowledge
  • Currently, most programmers who work in SharePoint are self-taught

InnoTech College saw a great opportunity in developing a SharePoint specialized Programming curriculum that would meet employers’ needs. We partnered with some of the most talented and successful SharePoint experts in Alberta to develop a robust curriculum and are excited to share it with our students starting in Fall 2016.

We look forward to seeing you in our classroom and guiding you into an exciting and booming career in IT.

The IT Sector as a Whole

According to Elevate and Robert Half (major IT recruitment firms) growth and demand within the IT sector has been higher in 2014 than in the last 15 years. Both, hiring and compensation, are rising. Elevate also identified MS SharePoint as being the number one development skill sought out by employers in IT professions, and that having it adds a 9% increase to a developer’s overall salary.

According to Robert Half’s 2016 Salary Guide, salaries for software developers increased 5.8% from 2015 to 2016.

“Candidates with .NET and SharePoint skills are in especially high demand” – Robert Half Technology 2016 Salary Guide

“Employment of web developers is projected to grow 22% from 2010 to 2020” – Robert Half Technology 2013 Salary Guide

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a safe and powerful server platform that makes it simple for organizations to collaborate, automate workflow, and manage documents and secure records. SharePoint is a Microsoft software product that can be hosted online or on a local server. For a detailed explanation of SharePoint, check out our blog post “Confused about SharePoint? – You’re not alone”

Why you should become a SharePoint Developer?

Alberta is predominantly a Microsoft development environment (.net), which means that the very vast majority of the corporate, government and non-profit sectors utilize SharePoint (not to mention the rest of the world). Some of the many organizations hiring .net (and SharePoint) developers are AB Health Services, Enbridge, Encore, Atco, PCL and Atcore.

According to Robert Half Technology, one of North America’s biggest technology recruitment firms, SharePoint is the most in demand development skill in Canada.

According to Edmonton’s largest SharePoint development employer, salaries for entry-level developer positions start at $76,750/yr, and SharePoint developers can expect to receive 9% greater salary, than a developer with no knowledge of SharePoint (RHT 2016 Salary Guide).

“The current market in 2015 shows that, there are not enough Skilled SharePoint developers” – C#Corner

Why Choose InnoTech College’s SharePoint Programming Diploma?

We have met with recruiters and employers to find out exactly what they look for in new recruits. By listening to what employers shared with us, we developed the curriculum to meet those exact requirements.

InnoTech’s SharePoint Programming Diploma combines the technical skills that one would learn at a specialized technical college, with the computer science typically learned in university programs, along with the softer business skills one typically picks up on the job. The soft skills that students learn in the program include problem solving, project management and communication.

As of 2015, there are no other private or public educational institutions, in Alberta, that offer a programming certification/diploma that focuses on SharePoint. In addition to learning SharePoint, there’s a great focus within the program on giving students a great understanding of .net programs and the language they’re programmed in – C#. Both, .Net and C# have been listed by many sources as being among the most in-demand IT skills of 2015.

Why an Internship/Practicum Matters and How We Provide it.

When someone doesn’t have experience in the industry they’re pursuing, it is often challenging to convince employers to take a chance on you. This is why InnoTech College includes a 3 week internship/practicum in it’s 8 month Programming Diploma with a SharePoint specialization. 

InnoTech College’s goal is to ensure that graduates are not only well-connected with employers for the purposes of a successful and smooth transition into an internship, but that they are also well-prepared for the internship experience. When building InnoTech’s Programming Diploma specializing in SharePoint, we involved future employers of our graduates in the entire curriculum development process, and also received their confirmation that interns would be welcome within their organizations upon graduation.  

InnoTech College takes several steps when building industry-student relations. Some of those:

  1. We invite industry representatives right into our intimate classroom, where presenters can speak about their companies to the students, meet the students, and collect resumes.
  2. We bring an HR Manager from a top employer’s firms to provide guidance to students regarding how to be successful in the application process. 
  3. We provide individualized employability support with resume and cover-letter assistance, as well as assistance with interview skills. 
  4. Additionally, we make e-mail introductions between employers and students, so as to assist with the often challenging ‘first contact.’

Although InnoTech is often considered smaller and newer than other institutions, we do not see this as a disadvantage. On the contrary, we know from experience that such institutions are willing to work harder for their students.

Smaller institutions have fewer students, allowing it to provide more personal, specific support to each individual. As well, newer institutions have to work harder to provide a name for themselves. They cannot stay stagnant and rely on their size and lengthy history for growth. The only factor that they have to rely on for building and growing their reputation is their students’ success. At InnoTech College, our students’ success is our number one priority, and we will go the extra length to meet this goal.   


What to Expect from InnoTech’s SharePoint Specialization Programming Diploma classroom experience?


The program delivery is based on a ‘blended learning’ model, which includes a combination of online and in-class education. It is intended to give students the flexibility of not needing to be in class five days per week, in combination with the in-class support environment so greatly beneficial for an engaging learning experience.

Students will come to class 2 nights and 1 afternoon per week over the 8-month span of the program. During classes, students apply theoretical concepts they studied in their at-home learning resources. Class time is further spent on instructor demonstrations and lectures, as well as on one-on-ones with each student. The hands-on programming aspect of the course also occurs throughout class time, with students having the opportunity to interact with one another and ask for help.

Programming lab assignments work to build on all of the theoretical concepts addressed in at-home learning resources and instructor lectures. The lab assignments, for example, the building of a calculator or the creation of a web application for SharePoint Online, ensure all students develop the practical skills and experience they need to be successful in the industry.

Job Prospects are looking fantastic for graduates of InnoTech College’s SharePoint Specialization Programming Diploma!

Some great news came out of most recent Career Builder and Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI) report of the Most In-Demand Jobs of 2016 (http://www.businessinsider.com/hottest-jobs-for-2016-2015-12). The report is based on the analysis of over 90 national employment resources, and spans over 100 occupations. [1]

Four of the occupations from this ‘Most In-Demand Jobs’ report are ones that graduates from InnoTech College’s Programming Diploma (SharePoint Specialization) would be qualified to pursue.

I’m sure you’re curious as to which jobs these must be. So without any further delay, here they are:

Web Developers have a gap of a whopping 45,790 between job postings and qualified candidates. Also, in the past five years, this profession has seen an increase in job openings by an enormous 22,282, and currently, the median salary is $76,750.

Within the Programming Diploma, a whopping 8 weeks is spent on web development alone. During this time, you are entrenched in learning HTML, CSS, Javascript and much more. In addition to being engrossed in the theoretical knowledge of programming in these languages, you’ll also be completing numerous practical lab projects, along with the support of your instructors and peers.

Computer Systems Analyst applicants enjoy a gap of 46,852 between job postings and qualified candidates. Also, in the past five years, this profession has seen an increase in job openings by an enormous 22,282, and currently, the median salary is $63,482.

A Computer Systems Analyst studies computer systems and designs solutions that help an organization operate more efficiently and effectively. Within ITC’s Programming Diploma, a significant amount of time is spent on learning how to organize and manage data through a database, and over two months is spent on applying that knowledge into a SharePoint structure. You will learn not only how to analyze computer systems, but also how to build them.

Software Developers experience the highest job to candidate gap of 83,649, with a massive job growth of 126,277 over the past 5 years, and a median annual salary of $95,514.

Being that SharePoint is a Microsoft software product that can be housed on a server or cloud, a software developer is exactly what you will learn to be within InnoTech College’s SharePoint Specialization Programming Diploma. This includes an introduction to core programming concepts, like control flow, abstract data types, and classes and objects.

Computer and Information Systems Manager is another position that has grow in demand very significantly, with 42,942 more jobs being available over the past 5 years and a job supply gap of 21,758. Being that this is a higher level position, the compensation is highest to match, at a median of $127,650 per year.

This position is often all-encompassing and includes project management, planning, and directing of all computer-related activities within a firm. Often it is pursued after one has had at least 3 years of experience in a non-managerial IT/computer-related role, and could be a natural transition from any one of the positions mentioned earlier.

[1] This is based on American statistics, however the Canadian tech industry mimics that of the US.Calgary

Calgary & Edmonton
SharePoint Specialization Programming Diploma
Please contact us for Enrolment Appointments, Information Appointments,
or any questions that you might have
587-892-3340 or 780-425-3340

Calgary Program Dates: Classes run: Feb 4, 2019  – Sept 13, 2019

Edmonton Program Dates: Classes run: Feb 11, 2019 – Oct 4, 2019

Class Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5 – 9 PM

SharePoint Specialization Programming Diploma – Edmonton
SharePoint Specialization Programming Diploma – Calgary


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