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      The Web Development Diploma program is the only full-stack development program in Edmonton, and prides itself on graduating development talent that is diverse in their skillsets and creative in their approach. With a 100% graduation rate in 2018, we can confidently say that this is the most comprehensive Web Development Diploma program in the city.

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      InnoTech College's Calgary Web Development Diploma is accelerated and is offered over a mere 6-month span. During this time, students learn full-stack development, including everything from CSS and HTML, to PHP and JavaScript, to even including DevOps. Graduates walk out of the program with a major portfolio of work ready to be showcased to employers.

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SharePoint and SharePoint Online Development Certificate

4-Month SharePoint Certificate Course in Calgary
12 hours of classroom instruction and 8+ hours of independent learning per week.

SharePoint and SharePoint Online Development Certificate
Calgary S.E. #305 4014 Macleod Trail

Government student funding available for eligible students, 
contact us for more information – we can help.


Businesses that don’t continue to grow, reduce operating costs, and adapt to innovative technologies will likely wither and die. To avoid this, many companies are changing their computing processes and infrastructures to move business information and processes into cloud services¹. Many are specifically moving onto Office 365 and SharePoint Online to save on operating costs².

You must update your
skills to stay relevant.

As such, it is important that in order to remain a valuable asset to your organization, you are up-skilling yourself in your organization’s technological focus areas. To future-proof your career in this manner, you’d need to consider learning about the innovative technologies in use within businesses such as yours, and about disrupter technologies that threaten to sweep aside existing jobs.

Cloud migration services, and the development of software or customization of business processes that support it are areas that are too complex to ever automate, and hence are a great focus area for those wanting to update their education. Robots and artificial intelligence can’t easily write their own software or customize themselves to create new business processes. Intelligent humans are required to write complex code.


InnoTech College is not just a college for training beginners; we offer micro courses that take knowledgeable developers who already have ASP.NET, C#, HTML, CSS and some JavaScript knowledge to a new level.

Perfect for those with past
development experience.

Our Calgary SharePoint and SharePoint Online Certificate program is taken directly from the longer, 8-month, SharePoint Specialization Programming Diploma, but skips over the introduction to topics that are pre-requisites for this part of the training. If you have those skills already, you can jump directly into this 4-month Certificate program.

This intense 4-month program will leverage your existing developer skills and launch you into a career as a SharePoint developer for on-premise as well as cloud-based and hybrid implementations.


Course Dates: July 23, 2018 – January 18, 2019

Calgary Class Schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 5-9pm

Cost: $6,120 ($500 due upon registration, remainder due on 1st day of classes)

Early Bird: $5,500 (if enrolling 1 month or more prior to the start of classes)

  • Previous front-end development and C# development experience required (Admissions Test available upon request)
  • Must have supply own laptop or one is available to borrow
  • Must have a reliable internet connection at home

You’ll learn the following topics:

Edmonton SharePoint Certificate Use and Administration list

SharePoint Use and Administration

  • Orientation to SharePoint from the user perspective
  • Orientation to SharePoint from a Site Administrator viewpoint
  • Orientation to SharePoint from a Farm Administrator viewpoint
  • Administering SharePoint from Central Administration, Client Site Object model or PowerShell Scripts
  • Supporting/Running SharePoint in a virtualized environment
  • Information Architecture, and how it impacts records management, workflows and searchability of unstructured content
List of Edmonton Sharepoint Certificate Development Tools and Techniques

Development Tools and Techniques

  • Developing for SharePoint using Visual Studio
  • Developing scripts using PowerShell Integrated Script Editor
  • CAML Query Designer
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Custom InnoTech College JavaScript libraries
  • Custom InnoTech College PowerShell libraries
  • Development in virtualized server environments
  • Learn debugging techniques in PowerShell, JavaScript, CSOM, JSOM, REST
  • Integrating jQuery and other custom JavaScript libraries into SharePoint
  • Designing for mobile devices and remote cloud-based access
Server-Side Object Model Points for Edmonton Sharepoint Course

Server-Side Object Model

  • Creating Server-Side SharePoint Solutions using the SharePoint Server API
  • Learn about the SharePoint object model including fields, content types, lists, libraries, events, workflows, web parts, page models, out of the box controls, branding, navigation, server solutions and features
  • Develop PowerShell to export/import field definitions, content types, pages, lists/libraries and other SharePoint objects
  • Develop Server-Side Web Parts, Site Provisioning, Event Receivers
Client Site Object Model, JavaScript Object Model list for Sharepoint Course in Edmonton

Client Site Object Model, JavaScript Object Model

  • Developing client-side SharePoint using CSOM from C# and PowerShell
  • Develop “No code” solutions using declarative XML
  • Developing using the REST API from C#, and JavaScript
  • Developing for SharePoint using JSOM to write single page web applications and client-side web parts
  • Develop Remote Event Receivers that tap into SharePoint Online or on-premise events, and process information in Azure or other remote servers
List of DevOps, Security Points for Edmonton Sharepoint Certificate Program

DevOps, Security

  • Develop PowerShell to deploy solutions to on-premise, cloud or Office 365 environments
  • Setup Add-In environment security in on-premise SharePoint
  • Securing SharePoint environments, establishing security governance
Microsoft Office365 and Windows Azure aspects of Edmonton Sharepoint Certificate Course

Microsoft Office365 and Windows Azure

  • Developing/Debugging SharePoint Add-Ins for Office 365
  • Using PowerShell to access Office 365 and Azure environments
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Hybrid SharePoint implementations
  • Integration with line of business applications, databases using SharePoint


Office 365 is the way
of the future!

As a developer, you likely already know that you must retrain every two to four years to stay on top of the IT learning curve. New programming languages, techniques, and architectures are challenging the status quo daily; staying still and coasting with your current knowledge will result in you being unemployable.

Moving your career to cloud-based technologies, and web-based client-side development techniques is a requirement in today’s fast-moving business world. With Microsoft stating that SharePoint Online/Office 365 has over 100 million users³, and still growing it should be obvious that this is an upward trend area to look at. With many Office 365 subscriptions including a free version of the Microsoft Office suite for iPhones, iPads and Android tablets, it is clear the popularity of Office 365 impacts mobile devices as well.

On average, large companies are uploading 1.37 terabytes of data to the Office 365 service each month.

“Office 365 is the most commonly deployed application among its customers (beating even Salesforce) and adoption is growing faster than any other cloud applications.” – Oct 14, 2015

Microsoft will be pledging $5 billion investment in the Internet of Things over the next four years, meaning that a lot of data will be directed to and stored on Microsoft clouds, exactly where the Office 365 tenancies are; that is a huge opportunity for businesses to connect to data waiting to be harvested.

SharePoint and SharePoint Online Development Certificate
Calgary S.E. #305 4014 Macleod Trail

Government student funding available for eligible students, 
contact us for more information – we can help.


¹: How Fortune 500 Companies are Leveraging Office 365

²: Five years after launching, Microsoft’s Office 365 is the most popular enterprise cloud service

³: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg981684.aspx

⁴: Here’s more proof that companies are jumping on Microsoft Office 365 like crazy

⁵: Why companies are switching from Google Apps to Office 365

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