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Are you interested in programming in Calgary? Have you ever thought to yourself – I love computers, I wish there was a career that allowed me to use my skills with a computer in a cool way?

Not long ago, computer programmers wouldn’t be described as “cool”. But times are changing. STEM careers are becoming ever cooler and technology jobs are at the top of the list. Calgary’s technology sector is booming and we want to help Calgarians learn to code and learn to program to ensure that the current boom never busts. We know computer programming courses are numerous, often expensive, and they range from online courses to weekend courses to multi-year-long commitments.

InnoTech College’s Calgary campus is somewhere in the middle. We offer an in-class learning experience in Calgary, AB. We are a Calgary based, in-classroom support Web Programming course with dynamic full-stack curriculum, that covers everything from front-end development, to back-end development, as well as development operations (dev-ops). 

Learn to code in Calgary
Web Development Diploma

This curriculum means that you’ll learn a lot more than how to build basic websites. It means that you’ll also learn how to program the back-end of a website to give it unique and special functionality, in addition to learning how to host the website on the web in a manner that will allow it to support up to millions/billions of visitors, without crashing or glitching. Nowadays, web development is a lot more than learning how to code in a couple of programming languages. It’s about using sometimes a dozen different programming languages and tools to get the job done. And that’s what the Web Development Diploma program is all about. It teaches you 25+ different programming languages and tools, in addition to giving students the opportunity to dabble in about a dozen of other coding tools.  These development skills are so multi-faceted that they enable our Calgary students to enter the workforce without fuss, and be able to work in a multitude of companies, from large to small, from private to public. 

Programming Opportunities Canada

At InnoTech College, we believe that learning to code and learning to program are extremely important skills for people of all ages and all backgrounds to know.  We weren’t lying when we said that technology is at the top of the cool factor list and we know there are positive implications of teaching individuals from all walks of life the skills required to be classified as ‘tech-savvy.’ Technology is everywhere; don’t pass up the chance to be in synch with computers, software, programming, coding, mobile application, and even gaming.  Come learn to code with our Web Programming Diploma.

Our Calgary web Programming Course

If you have any interest in learning to code or learning to program, InnoTech College’s Calgary campus is exactly where you need to be. Our program is, first and foremost, designed to teach Calgary’s brightest up and coming technology students how to code and how to program. We teach students what it is to be a programmer, how to think logically the way a programmer does. We teach front-end development, back-end coding and give students the ability to create programs write algorithms, write code and debug codes already written, among other things.

We aren’t interested in wasting your time. We know you could find online programs. But our Calgary classroom isn’t just somewhere to go – it’s a place of learning whether it’s your first time in a Post-Secondary classroom or whether you’re a pro at being a student. It is a place that allows Calgary’s programming beginners to make mistakes, ask questions, and grow. The first week of our program is designed as a Bootcamp, which gives everyone a foundational launching point around how the web works and basic computing knowledge. This foundation allows even the complete novice to be successful with the remainder of the much more sophisticated curriculum. 

We want to teach our students how to code and program effectively, expertly, and efficiently and we want to teach you how to do it for a company that will compensate you extremely well. 

According to alis.alberta.ca (March, 2020), here are the three most in-demand web development-related jobs in Alberta, and how much they pay on average:

Software Engineer

Average wage per hour: $49.08

Average annual salary: $100,625

Computer Programmer / Interactive Media Programmer

Average wage per hour: $41.84

Average annual salary: $84, 210

Systems Tester

Average wage per hour: $45.55

Average annual salary: $89,350

Learning to code and learning to program are skills at the start of an exciting new age of educated individuals ready to shape the world’s technological future. 

Learn to code in Calgary
Web Development Diploma

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