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Welcome to InnoTech College. The only college in Alberta offering programming courses for beginners that help them become job-ready in just 6 months. InnoTech College is an Alberta government-designated educational institution, with campuses in Calgary and Edmonton. We offer a Programming Course that specializes in full-stack web development, enabling graduates to work anywhere from small start-ups to large multinationals and government agencies. InnoTech College is a boutique college that focuses on its students in a personalized way. We have small class sizes (no more than 20 students per class), provide ongoing individualized support from instructors, supply all of our students with the tools that they need access to throughout the program and ensure that our instructors are of the highest caliber and are current professionals in the industry.

Although other colleges offer programming courses, often, this is not their area of focus and hence, the programming skills that are taught can be outdated or be delivered in a theoretical, rather than a practical, manner.

Web Development Diploma
Edmonton – Programming Course
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Edmonton Programming Courses from Government Designated Colleges

For a college and its programming courses to be licensed and government-designated means that the college’s operations have been approved by the Career Colleges Branch of Alberta (an Edmonton-based branch of the Alberta government), the programming course’s curriculum has been validated for its effectiveness and relativeness to employers, the programming course has received support from potential employers who have confirmed that they’d be interested in hiring its graduates, and any tuition fees paid for the programming course are secured through a bond, which acts as an insurance policy to the students (i.e. if the programming course does not meet the students’ expectations than students would get their tuition fees back from the government). When picking a programming course in Edmonton, it is highly advisable that students check if the course is offered by a college that is government-designated and if it isn’t, students should be beware that there’s no insurance and no guarantees around the quality of their education, once their tuition fees are paid.

Differentiating between Different Edmonton Programming Courses

Although there is a variety of Web Programming Courses in Edmonton, all are fairly different and comparing them can be quite challenging. For instance, many programming courses are focused on just theory, some are focused on just a single language, others are for individuals that know how to program and are intended to help them advance their already-existing skills to the next level. Also, with technology demands and trends changing at an exponential rate, many programming courses are outdated and do not meet today’s needs of Edmonton employers.

InnoTech College’s Edmonton Programming Course is tailored to students with no previous programming experience (although many of our students have some experience) and is designed specifically with the goal of making graduate employment-ready upon completion of the 6-month program. The course covers topics of front-end development (CSS and HTML), back-end development (PHP and Javascript) and development operations (Git-Hub and Heroku).

Graduates of the Edmonton Web Programming Course would be ready to take on entry-level jobs, many of which start at $60/year or higher salaries, as Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, Web Developers, Mobile App Developers, and Software Developers. InnoTech College assists students and graduates of the Programming Course with internship placement, as well as job placement. The latest reported rate for grads’ job placement was 100%

Questions Asked about InnoTech College’s Edmonton Programming Course:

1.    What is the tuition cost of the Programming Course?
A: The total tuition of InnoTech College’s Web Programming Course is $13,475. This tuition cost includes 16 hours per week of in-class instruction, hacking assignments, lab time, development of a portfolio of work, additional in-person and remote support, internship placement assistance, job placement assistance and access to all additional resources provided within the course. More information is available here

2.    Is there government funding available?
A: Because InnoTech College is one of the few technology colleges licensed through the Alberta Government, its programs are designated through Alberta Student Aid. This means that all of our students can apply for government student funding, which includes scholarships, grants and loans. Our dedicated staff assist students with these applications to ensure that it is a smooth process for them. Most students receive funding to cover the entire Web Programming Course tuition amount, as well as additional funding to help out with personal living expenses. To support the narrowing of the gender gap in the technology sector, InnoTech College also offers a Young Women in Technology Bursary for women 25 years old and younger. 

3.    Where is your campus located?
A: InnoTech College’s Edmonton campus that offers the Programming Course is centrally located in downtown Edmonton at 10080 Jasper Ave, unit 209.  The building is also connected to the Central LRT Station, allowing for convenient commuting for our students.

4.    What does the class schedule look like?
A: The Edmonton Programming Course schedule is based on 16 hours of in-class instruction, in addition to approximately 10-15 hours of at-home study. Most sessions’ schedules are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 9 pm, and Saturdays from 8 am to 5 pm. 

5.    Who are typical students of your Programming Course?
A: InnoTech College accepts students of all backgrounds and ages. We have some students that have recently graduated from high school and have no work experience and others with many years experience in the technical or other sectors. To support the narrowing of the gender gap in the tech sector, InnoTech College also offers a Young Women in Technology Bursary for women 25 years old and younger. 

6.    How challenging is the Web Programming Course?
A: The Web Programming Course requires a great deal of dedication, especially if a student has a lower level of comfort with technology. Because the Web Programming Course is offered through an accelerated 6-month long delivery, we expect our students to have high attendance and also devote at least 10 hours per week to doing work at home. As long as students are present in class and are spending time on self-study, they tend to be successful.

7.    Who are the instructors of the Programming Course?
A: All of InnoTech College’s Edmonton Web Programming Course instructors are actively, currently, involved in the technology sector in Edmonton. As a result, all the knowledge and skills that are taught are most up to date, based on current industry trends and demands.

If you’d like more information about InnoTech College’s Edmonton Web Programming Course, please contact us at 1-888-781-3340. We look forward to hearing from you!

Web Development Diploma
Edmonton – Programming Course
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