InnoTech College is an Alberta technology college which has been offering a variety of programs throughout its years of operations, with its current focus being on web development. 

Founded in 2015, InnoTech College’s is to fill the skill gap between what’s demanded out by employers and those under-delivered by more traditional educational institutions. Our main campus is in Calgary at 4014 MacLeod Trail SE. It is easily accessible via LRT, buses and driving, with much free parking in the area. Our satellite campus is in Edmonton and is located downtown, on Jasper Avenue. It is also easily accessible via Central LRT station. 

We ensure that the largest employers and tech leaders, from both cities, play an active role in our programs’ curriculum development, instruction, as well as in welcoming our students and graduates into their organizations for internship and job opportunities.

Our post-secondary programs are designed to take students from having no previous knowledge of their chosen industry, to being ready to successfully qualify for positions in the fields of programming, big-data and cloud services. 

We want to make a difference in helping individuals, unsure of their future, build a solid foundation of education and experience that enables them to reach their goals and create a life they’ve only ever dreamed of.

InnoTech College is licensed and designated in Alberta, under the Private Vocational Training Act. Its provincial Educational Institution codes are BPOS (Calgary) and BPPE (Edmonton). With it being a designated institution, all of our students are eligible for government loans, grants and scholarships. We assist all of our students with applying for these funding sources. InnoTech College also has a DLI number and is happy to serve international students.  

We welcome you to learn more about the instructors of our programming college and if you’d like to learn eve more, we’d also love to meet you in person. Please schedule an information appointment by going here.


InnoTech’s Mission

To shape the future of technology through our students. 


InnoTech’s Values

Adaptability: We are conscious of our environment and are proactively adaptive to it. 

Innovation: We are continuously improving the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of what we do. 

High Standards: We aim to achieve the highest standards in everything that we do and share with our students.

Relationships: We are constantly growing and nourishing relationships with our students and industry.


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