Alex’s Thoughts: Why choose a 6-month program over a degree

Alex Bymoen, InnoTech’s Web Development instructor, says that the big difference between InnoTech and public post-secondary schools is the focus on the practical side of the industry.  A four-year computer science degree from a school like the University of Calgary, which is where he attained his, with honours, spends the first two years of education […]

Staff Profile – Industry Relations Coordinator (ie. the ‘job finder’)

Chris McNicholas is InnoTech’s networking hub.  As the Industry Relations Coordinator, his role has a few different functions, the main one being setting up students for employability.  “Our goal is to get our grads employed 3-to-4 months post-graduation,” he says.  Chris also has his finger on the pulse of the industry. “I reach out to […]

Student Profile – John Heslop

John Heslop, a current InnoTech student, started experimenting with building websites while he was working as a safety supervisor at a trucking company.  “It was one of those careers where you make decent money, but it’s a dead end, and you’ll always be working a hundred hours per week, that sort of thing.” “It wasn’t […]

What to watch for in 2020

With Facebook’s recent legal upheaval, the industry is talking more and more about ethical design. The sector is reconciling what it means to design for an inherently worldwide audience. Companies have a lot of data on us. Are they using it responsibly?   For instance, the fact that knows exactly how many people are […]

The Web. In A Nutshell.

ever feel overwhelmed with learning web development? There are so many languages, frameworks and content management systems! Where do you even start? And what’s a framework anyways!? Here’s your crash course At the end of the day, all web pages you look at are made of just three languages. These are our raw, most unrefined […]

Feel like you’re faking it? You’re not alone.

have you thought about becoming a Developer, but let fear get in your way? Guess, what?! It’s totally normal and not just among novices either. It even has a name; it’s called ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and is experienced by 60% of software developers, based on a study that surveyed 10,000 of them.  You don’t even need […]

Snag One While They’re Hot!

According to Mary Moran’s in an October 2019 article with CBC, there are 2,000-3,000 tech jobs in Calgary at any point in time. Mary Moran is CEO of Calgary Economic Development, an organization responsibly for the economic growth and prosperity of this city. Out of all people, she’s probably the one person in this city that knows […]

InnoTech College is tackling the STEM Gender Gap

Alberta’s growing technology sector is struggling to find skilled talent, yet at a time when companies need employees trained in technology, research suggests females are less likely to study STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects at school and even less likely to make it to the executive level.  InnoTech College is working to reverse […]

Calgary is experiencing a tech talent deficit

On June 29, Calgary’s Business published a great piece on the deficit of tech talent in Calgary, in comparison to other cities. Julie Rubin, InnoTech’s President, was able to share a great deal about how InnoTech Contributes to tackling this challenge and helping Calgary once again re-emerge as a booming economic hub.  — Calgary’s Business: […]

InnoTech is seen as Leader by Media in Growing AB’s Technology Talent

InnoTech College has recently had the honour of being featured on 660 News, Metro Calgary, and on Alberta Global News, to speak about how it’s leading the path to helping Albertans recover from the economic downturn resulting from low oil prices.  With many Alberta’s still unemployed or under-employed, ‘upskilling’, as InnoTech’s president, Julie Rubin, refers to […]

InnoTech College gives young women 50% off tuition!

In response to Alberta’s demand for computer science professional and the need for greater gender diversity in the tech sector, an Alberta technology college has announced a bursary for females 25 years of age or younger to get 50% off tuition on any of its programs! InnoTech College is a government designated college, founded by […]

New Technology College is helping Albertans get Computing Jobs

A new Alberta technology college is set on growing Calgary’s abnormally low, and declining[1], technology talent pool. InnoTech College opened its doors in 2016 and since then, has developed 7 technology programs (with more on the way) suitable for those with no prior technical/computing experience, as well as those looking to expand or update their […]

Programming Diploma Students Featured in Metro News (January 2017)

Harjeet Mahajan (Calgary) Wanting to further advance his career in the IT industry, Harjeet Mahajan enrolled at InnoTech College in the SharePoint Specialization Programming diploma (October 2016 – July 2017). Mahajan came to Canada to explore the beauty of this country and gain work experience in the energy industry, but his previous training was not […]

Meet Ups for Calgary’s Tech Enthusiasts!

There are tons of great meetup groups in YYC! What’s a meetup group, you ask? is a great way for individuals in Calgary to meet other people with the same interests. All types of groups from Fitness to Politics to Religion exist on, including Tech groups for every kind of tech geek. We’ve […]

Edmonton Technology Enthusiasts! Meet Your Kin

There are tons of great meetup groups in YEG! What’s a meetup group, you ask? is a great way for individuals in Edmonton to meet other people with the same interests. All types of groups from Fitness to Politics to Religion exist on, including Tech groups for every kind of tech geek. We’ve […]

Would you Like to Get Gov’t Paid Training for Your Employees?

Do you have a new or existing employee with potential? Interested in giving them the opportunity for additional training to better serve a job vacancy in your company?           Designed to help address the misalignment of skills and needs, the Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) is a funding program where employers and […]

Confused About SharePoint?! You’re Not Alone!

If you were to Google “SharePoint,” any number of responses would come up. The answers will range from jargon citing a browser based collaboration platform, a web-based intranet system, or an enterprise information portal to opinion pieces boasting SharePoint as a type of blogging wiki (AIIM, 2016) The actual truth is that SharePoint is not […]

198K of Jobs are Waiting for You!

Our SharePoint Programming Diploma qualifies graduates to pursue four of the occupations on Career Builder and Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI) list of the Most In-Demand Jobs of 2016 ( ). The report is based on the analysis of over 90 national employment resources, and spans over 100 occupations 1 Web Developers Gap between monthly […]
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